Bucket List

The Big Christmas Reno! 

Dear Reader,

Ihave always wanted to Reno/Design a house that I would live in, just put my touch on a place. I have watched so many home improvement shows for as long I can remember. It all started with my Aunt Sandy when she use to babysit us as kids and when we would sleep over. I remember waking up and finding her down stairs watching home improvement shows. As I grew up I would help or see what she would do for her projects, she would always inspire me. Now I watch Reno/Design shows almost everyday. Often coming away with some sort of inspiration.
My favourites are:

  • Love it or List it Vancouver
  • Property Brothers
  • Brother vs brother
  • Holmes Inspection
  • And a few others

Recently I have gotten the chance to reno where I’m living and finally use the vision I have for the space. I’ve never owned a place by myself where I could do it but this is a great start!

Not to long ago my parents changed our Barn into a place for themselves and left all us kids to rent out the main house. Well I finally asked them “can I update the house make it more ours” (of course I talked to my roommates first and told them what I was thinking of doing). To my surprise my parents were like “ya go ahead, do whatever you like.” Well my mind went crazy with ideas!


My plan so far started in the back porch (never been touched, still the same as before my parents bought the house). I’ll be going room to room, starting on main floor.
I took a few before photos you can see our progress so far.

Before Reno, Mudroom
Mid Reno, Mudroom
More to come I want to get it all done in time for Christmas since this will be the first year I host. This is another one for the Bucket List.

Are you doing any renos ? What tricks do you have?

Love Always,
Cinthia Grace