The Big Christmas Reno! – Part Two

Dear Reader,

In my last post I talked about all the ideas I had and the reason behind why I am doing a Christmas Reno this year. If you have not read it yet you can click here. You can also see more before photos in that post.

Where I Started

I had started in the back porch/ mudroom of our house since it had never been touched ever since we moved to this house (over 18 years ago). It was time for a change in this room. I wanted it to be brighter and more of a statement to the house. It is after all your first impression. It took a lot of work and we are still working on it but this is what it looks like now at this date.

The Fight

We still have to finish the banister and hang up the coat hooks. I had more ideas to do to this room but one day my sister and I had a bit of a fight where we pretty much vented all our problems on one another as we both are people who bottle things up and take it out on wrong person. She made some good points though.

I got so excited that even though I was asking them along the way “what do you think about this idea” or “how about this or this” I was not adding things that made it their place as well. She was feeling I was taking over because one day it will be their forever home.

I told her she can change anything she wants after we move out, I won’t feel bad. That got me thinking though maybe I should scale back and not do so much. So I have changed my mind on a few things but kept the main ideas I wanted to change.

Scaling Back Plans

So I took my plans to more basic changes; Painting and organizing mostly. Even though we are not done the back porch I wanted to get working on my office, as I like a good place to go and work on blogging.

I started with clearing out old furniture that no one was using. I then decided to do a chalk paint wall and keep my main points on it as a sort of reminder area, seeing it everyday. I did not want it to be to dark so I went with a grey color instead of typical black. I went with a lighter grey with the other three walls that later I will use in the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Painting that area only took a day. Now we just need to get new furniture for the room but for now I have a desk in there I use until we have the money to upgrade. We had some fun writing on the walls. It felt so weird since we were always told not too as kids. Look at us rebel’s.

Can you tell which one is mine… (I was so excited to get started. I love to plan!)

Kitchen/ Diningroom/ Livingroom

Since that room is done for now we then moved on to the main part. My roommates were mostly all gone for the day so my boyfriend and I tackled the painting. We put some Christmas music on and singed along to it (well he didn’t so much). It really kept me going; motivated me because the closer we got done then I could decorate!

We had so much done by the time they were home, almost the entire room! When you see the pictures you will notice that’s a great job because it’s lots of areas to paint. I would not have gotten so much done on my own so I am so grateful he helps when I come up with these ideas. With no complaints at all.

You can see a little of my decor here. I got so excited to put some up I will show more once we are all done.

I love Reno’s Do you?

I can’t stop looking at it now and thinking what a difference it makes it looks so much better! Ugly brown to light grey is stunning. I’m not a big ‘brown’ fan so to live in this house so long where almost everything is shade of that kinda put me down all the time. Now I come down stairs and my mood is lifted! We love these colours so much Ben and I kept the name and will paint it in our house one day.

I would love to do more and I had a shelf planned and to take out the mini wall but for now I’m happy and the rest will happen if it happens. Let me know what you think? How have your Reno’s gone? I love hearing about them. I watch so many shows on this topic. I get so many ideas!

Love Always,

Cinthia Grace