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Start A Blog: Picking Your Host and Platform

Coming Up With Your Domain Name

My first post about starting a website will get you to think about the name and what kind of website you want. I would recommend you read it first before this post. You can find it here. This is what I have learned from when I started my own blog, you may want to adapt the steps to suit your own needs. You could listen to podcasts on blogging before you start your website. Another great first step is to write a bunch of posts before you even buy or set up your website. Do what works best for you, it is your business after all.

Pick a Hosting Service

Now you should have picked out your domain name and checked to see it is not already a taken. You are now ready to buy your domain. I also recommend since it is your business to keep it a rather than a or even a .org .uk if your going to want to reach a wide audience. If you are just wanting local buyers then you may want one of those. It is easier for people to remember a .com just something to keep in mind.

I researched different places on where would be best to start this process. I realized the best option for me was to go with Bluehost. They have a great deal and a reasonable price.

Bluehost is a great because you get your host provider and free domain name all from one provider. WordPress and Bluehost work together; you get wordpress custom management features when you sign up for one of the bluehost packages. They also answer any questions you have in great time. Bluehost technical support is available 24/7 which is great if you are like me and work on your website during ‘after work hours’. I work a full time day job and then work on this blog the rest of the day. So it is amazing when you’re working on it late at night and they are there, ready to answer any questions.  

They are very helpful in the steps to take to buy your domain name. If you would like to go with them you can click here and follow the steps they set out for you. They have different packages available, Basic, Plus and Business Pro. I would recommend you pick the package that fits best with your needs.

Pick a Platform

Now you have bought your name your next step is to pick your platform you can again research all the options you’ll notice the top two are WordPress and Godaddy.

I have WordPress and I’m so happy with them. They are very helpful and answered all my questions, also being easy to use. There is lots of tutorials on how to teach you the basics of working WordPress. You don’t need to know how to write code or anything complicated, it is easy for anyone to use and setup. You do need to learn some lingo when setting up a website as its not 1 2 3 done. It takes some work but it is way easier than you think. I did not think I would be able to figure it out! I was so confused at first but then I found video tutorials and once I saw what they did, I had it I, understood it. Now I look back and think to myself I most definitely let doubts in my head get to me.



You now have your domain name, picked a host and platform you are read to make your website. Take a minute and congratulate yourself you have a website! You will love the new world you are about to discover. I have learned so many new things and met so many wonderful people. One of the main reasons I love having my blog is that I am constantly learning. I have always loved to learn more and expand my knowledge and having this blog has been the greatest thing for me. One tip I will give you now is that you will at some point feel overwhelmed. You will just feel like there is so much to do and you are feeling ‘behind’. Trust me when I say this you are not. I don’t think there is ever a time when you are ‘done’. You will get to a point when you have everything set up and everything is fuctuallying great. There is always more to improve on and expand. Do things at your own pace trust yourself.

I am always willing to help you to the best of my abilities.


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