Picking Blog Name

Pocahontas sisters

Dear Reader,
When I was younger my mom always use to say I reminded her of the news column Dear Abby. People would write in and tell her a bit about their story and what they needed advice for and she would write back with her advice.


My mom would say I was always helping others whether it was giving advice or if they needed something done. I even took care of the house more and more as I got older. By the time I was old enough to watch my younger sister after school I would cook and clean as well. I had my days of course where I didn’t want to, I’m only human but I always loved it.sisters growing up

So much that I did it without a second thought, I would give everything I have, my whole self into helping others. So much so it took everything I had. I had to learn that there is a balance to helping others you can’t help others if there is nothing left of you to give. It took me a few years to learn my balance how much I could do to help others but not lose myself in the proses.

So when I was thinking of my blog name and reading other blogs on ‘how to come up with your blog name’ they all roughly ask the same questions

What do I want my blog to be about ?

I wrote down all the subjects I wanted covered.

What feeling do you want your blog to have?

I wrote down everything I wanted people to feel when they read what I write or what others comment.

Then I wrote down any words that came to mind, words that I would want in the name

Finally my last step or as people say I took a step back. What I like to say and always do “I’m just going to sleep on it” which I did the next day. I looked over my notes with new fresh eyes and that’s when I remembered my mom calling me Dear Abby and just like that it clicked Dear Cinthia Grace

I want this blog to be about my story, help others with theirs and go on a journey together.

So if you have anything you would like to ask advise of or just talk or even ask about me feel free. Just write me an email or comment I’m here when you need me


Dear Cinthia Grace….


Love Always, Cinthia Grace