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His view on our first date 

couple in loveDear Reader,
I asked my boyfriend Ben to wright from his perspective on our first date. I did not have any input. I just added the photos after he was done. I love that I asked him to wright this post. I learned things I never knew about how he felt on our first date. He is such an amazing man, I’m vary blessed to have him in my life. He also wrote a post on when he knew he wanted to marry me. I wrote a post from my perspective on first date. Well now you can read his words on our first date.

My name is Ben, Cinthias boyfriend. This post will be from my view of things, leading up to and during our first date.
I had come back to Match after a long hiatus and wasn’t getting anywhere with my dates or the others I was talking with. Often I would just be “ghosted” which did sting a little. Though I learned how to improve my emails, helping me get Cinthia, the girl of my dreams. Right from the start it felt natural and effortless talking with her. I knew this was something special.

bruins couple in love
I wanted to do something creative but simple. Something where we wouldn’t be forced to talk to each other but could comment and chat as we went. Pumpkin carving seemed like a good idea as I’d always enjoyed that and it was the season of course. It also seemed a little more unique that “Movie and dinner”.
Timing worked out that I got to plan it to happen exactly on my birthday! Which I knew I just had to do. Felt is would just be a nice added touch that Cinthia would appreciate.
I was fairly nervous leading up to meeting her and during as well. Mostly because I wondered “when will I kiss her?!”. I’d figured to do it after the pumpkin carving and movie I brought just as it was ending. (okay that part wasn’t original haha).
It was the best kiss and just felt so right. Afterwards I had to drive home but the whole way I was smiling and thinking how lucky I was.

Couple in love

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I wrote my side first and then I asked him to write it and I didn’t change a things it’s all his words I didn’t even read it until just before I posted I did add the photos though! I know I’m super blessed to have him. I’m thankful everyday!
      P.s thank you for commenting 🙂 💜

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