Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Find A Gift For Your Boyfriend
If you are anything like me, coming up with gift ideas for your boyfriend can be hard. I always thought of some basic gifts in the beginning such as clothes, movies, and games. Guys are no help either, I ask him all the time what he would like, anything green he says (that’s his favourite colour, lime green) well there is only so many things I want to buy that are green. Do you find it hard to find gifts for your boyfriend?

Gift Ideas
I decided to go looking for gifts and really spend some time thinking about what he would like. It took me a while but I discovered a variety of gifts I’d never considered. Here is what I came up with:

Wireless Earbuds

  • Wireless Earbuds
    Now I know everyone has their own brand of devices they like so obviously go with that. I am sure each brand has their own kind of wireless earbuds. Get your man a pair. Almost everyone gets bothered by the wires! I have been saying for YEARS they should make these and finally there are options. It’s also not the cheapest, so you know they probably won’t buy it for themselves. Takes one of those little frustrations away. That’s all we ever want to get them, something they will use and a gift they will love.

DJI Spark Palm

  • DJI Spark Palm
    I saw this bad boy in action at a fair that I went to with some of my family you should have seen the guys playing with it. I could definitely see them playing with it all the time. It reminds me of a new teck age game of ball or something. It does take some getting use to that for sure lots of hitting walls which was also quite funny to watch.

100 Deadly Skills Book

  • 100 Deadly Skills
    A Seal’s Operative Guide. This book looks very interesting. I think any man would find this fascinating. It’s full of lessons that would be great to learn. Survival skills and so much more. Manly activities, especially for those who enjoy camping!Lifeproof Case
  • Lifeproof Phone Case
    I have one of these cases, I think they are great! I love not having to worry about my phone getting wrecked. I enjoy taking photos and having the option to take photos around or in water without fear. It makes me so happy. I get some amazing shots! Now for him it would be more because of safety; I have watched my boyfriend leave his phone in some weird places or dropped it so many times!

KeySmart 2

  • KeySmart
    This gift would be more of a stocking stuffer but I think any guy would love to get this and be able to keep all his keys in it. It reminds me of a swiss army knife.

Wallet Bottle Opener

  • Secret Message Wallet Bottle Opener
    This one is a smaller gift maybe use it as a stocking stuffer as well, which I find is just as hard to find. I love this idea because so many times have I heard “where’s a bottle opener” either that or they use their hand or worse teeth! This is something they keep in their wallet which I find they almost always have on them. It is also something that you can make more personal because you add a message on it.
  • Mens Charging Station
    I think this is a great gift idea because this is one something your boyfriend would probably not buy himself. Who else looks over at your boyfriends side of the bed or on his dresser and everything is just thrown on it. This will help organize some of his stuff.
  • Trimming Set
    My boyfriend has a beard and I love it but I also like it nice and trimmed up. I bought him a mini set last year for his birthday and I found this beard wash that smells amazing!! It’s my favourite smell I have ever smelled on a man! This year I’m definitely buying it in bulk! I also want to get him more items. Expand his tools and products. I got him this as well Beard Shaping Tool

Pocket Watch

  • Pocket Watch
    This idea I like because it’s something that is timeless and can be maybe passed down to your kids later in life. It could also be a symposium for someone who passed away in his life. You can even get in engraved for an even more personal touch.

Storm Bottle

  • Storm Glass Bottle
    This gift idea I thought was most definitely different. I had never heard of this before but I think it would be something he would benefit from even more so if he works out side or does activities outside all the time

Asking Guys What They Want
I decided to ask my younger brother and my sisters boyfriend what they would like as a gift from their girlfriends. Now if I’m being totally honest, they both said at the same time “sex”. I told them I’m writing a post for my blog. So then they both thought about it and brainstormed out loud what they both agreed on.

The best gift is a special date. Not something you do all the time, something totally different. My sister got tickets to a hockey game for them for their anniversary. He said that was one of the best gifts she has given him. My younger brother says food, he would like her to make him food. So if you’re reading this in the future and your dating my brother you now know what to get him. A date night which you make him food.

Need More Help
I hope these gift ideas have helped you come up with something for your boyfriend. If you would like even more personalized help, I would also love to assist you and brainstorm ideas for him. I tired to come up with different types of gifts so that there is a variety of options. I also tried to find ideas that were different then what you think of off the top of your head.

Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a wonderful Holidays.

Love Always,
Cinthia Grace


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  1. I really liked your Christmas gift ideas because it is always a struggle for me to buy gifts for my boyfriend and the other lists I looked at had nothing he’d like. Yours was actually really cool. I subscribed!

    1. Dear Carlee,
      Im so glad it helped you! May I ask which gifts you liked?
      I really tired to think of different gifts that I did not see everyday. Also gift ideas for a variety of men because not everyones boyfriend is going to like the same stuff so I wanted to cover lots of options. If you ever need more help finding ideas I would be more then happy to help you come up with ideas.
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