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Rockwood Conservation Park

Rockwood Conservation area

Dear Reader,
Our trip to rockwood started off, rocky. I went on this road trip with my roommates,
My sister and her boyfriend

Couple in Rockwood Conservation area

My younger brother

Man in Rockwood Conservation Area

Also my partner in crime my soulmateIn Rockwood Conservation Area Woods

It seemed everyone was in a bad mood. Driving there everyone was so quiet, not one peep. It started to bug me a bit, as I had waited so long to go to Rockwood Conservation. In my head it was going to be this fun little road trip. I quickly shook it off though, no one was going to ruin this day! All I wanted was for everyone to have a great time and enjoy the journey.

Once we got to Rockwood it was like everyone’s mood lifted. We walked down to the ruins first. It’s what I really wanted to see there because in the future I thought it would be an amazing place to get married. Well it was gorgeous, absolutely stunning! Pictures and words can not do it justice.Rockwood Conservation Area

Next we made our way to the caves. We walked over a damn stopping to enjoy watching the water flow down. I could have stood there all day. We walked through some stunning forest views, one of my favourite views overall. Someday I even hope to have a house amongst the trees and have a view like walking through a forest. All without stepping outside.

Once we reached the caves we explored a little and watched others crawl from cave to cave. Our favourite part by far would have to be after the caves, walking on a small trail up and over the cliffs. We explored off the trail farther and farther, discovering more views. Soon we found ourselves on top of the caves we were in not long ago. They had a breathtaking view!

Rockwood Conservation Area

We kept exploring and decided we would find a way back down to main trail, a different way other than backwards. It was very freeing to use our natural instincts and climb around in nature, working together to find our way.

We saw some areas where people had fires and set up rocks to sit on. It was disappointing to see so much broken glass from beer bottles in quite a few places. I was raised to respect nature and when we went camping we left what little mark we could. Nothing left behind except where we had our fire pit and where our tents rested.

It took us a while but we climbed down cliffsides, crawled through trees and finally found our way back to the main trail and back to the car.

Rockwood Conservation Area

My heart was bursting with happiness, I will never forget our adventure at Rockwood. I also got my sister (the picky one) and everyone else to agree to go back and camp out at the park and see the rest another time 🙂 One afternoon was not enough time!

So until next time I will treasure all I learned and experienced on this bucket list wish !

Love Always, Cinthia Grace