First Month Blogging

First Month Blogging
First Month Blogging

My first month blogging has been amazing, challenging and so exciting. I love it! I didn’t think I would have been this dedicated to something, in a long time. I’m feeling so passionate and driven. It just feels right, like I was meant to do this all along. It was hard at first, picking my website name, trying to figure out how to get my website working smoothly. Figuring out all the tools on the side bar. Figure out the lingo. I still don’t know some but at least I know enough I got it up and running. My next step was setting up all my social media profiles, some I’d never even heard of before! There are some profiles that need more work but I wanted to focus on what I have right now, also make more content.

Early Morning Writing
I love writing every morning. I’m getting up earlier to leave about an hour for blogging before work. It’s “my time”. I also write more after work but that hour in the morning is my favourite.

Once I felt like everything was up and running, I could focus more on connecting with others, which I love to do. I had already started talking to readers but I wanted to find other bloggers I could meet and work with. It’s incredibly difficult to find someone near me, I haven’t found anyone. One girl possibly but she is still a few hours away and the only person I found in Ontario. It was hard to find more bloggers in Canada. Most I found were in the UK. Hopefully in time I will find more. If you are a blogger in Ontario, Canada or anywhere I would love to support you and read your blogs send me your URL below.

Who Knows Im Blogging
So far in my first month blogging I have only told my roommates that I am blogging (mostly because they see me working on it all the time). I don’t think I want to tell the rest of my family till it’s bigger. I don’t know what that is to me yet but I think I’ll know it when I feel it. I’m so happy now with this blog and was missing a creative outlet in my life. When I was a kid I use to paint and draw, then grew into Photography when I hit my teenage years. I went to College for Photography but something was not right, I lost that drive; I only did one year I knew it was not for me. In that context anyways.

Around this time I stopped even reading books too. I use to spend days dedicated to reading but I love reading blogs now! I have to take a minute to thank my boyfriend who has been so supportive while I have been figuring everything out this first month of blogging. Ben even went with me to a local Tim Hortons to use their wifi for about five hours (our wifi was down, this was when I was trying to figure out setting up my blog) He did not complain once. He proof reads everything. I even asked him to write a post from his perspective on our first date, then again about when he knew he wanted to marry me one day, which I loved reading. He makes me feel like I can do anything! It’s one of the many reasons I love him so much!

Who I Have Met My First Month Blogging
In my first month blogging I have met some amazing people. I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. A few people would be, ProBlogger for helping me with my setup questions. You were very helpful. Also would like to thank you Laura you have helped me lots by being my first follower and nominating me for Liebster Award. Also just for being so nice and caring. I look forward to getting to know you more.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone else I have talked with or has followed me and more to those who follow my website means more so me then you will ever know.

In My Next Month Of Blogging 
In my next month of blogging, I hope to figure out how to bring some income on this website. I still don’t even know where to start. If you have any advice or blogs I can read please also leave it down in the comments. I would love to find some blogging socials or maybe a class. I would love to learn more about this career.

Mostly I am going to focus on connecting with others; Meeting more people reading their work.

My first month blogging has been amazing I look forward to the future. My dream is to Blog full time one day. I’m going to work hard to achieve it.
Love Always,

Cinthia Grace

6 thoughts on “First Month Blogging

    1. Thank you so much! ❤️ you have such a kind heart!
      Even if I don’t meet anyone else and I stay the same as I am now I will still love blogging I don’t think I’ll give it up. I don’t know what my future holds but from this point in time I’m not going too.

    1. I’d love to bounce off problems and answers with you anytime! I am someone who loves to problem solve so I don’t stop till I figure it out 🙂 I now find my first Month easy compared to this months tasks I have set for my self lots to learn and parts that are out of my field of knowledge. I’m working on it though what have you found the hardest to figure out ?

  1. This post is great, it perfectly outlines the fun and challenges of starting a new blog. I definitely learned a lot in my first month.

    Your site looks lovely!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes it is vary challenging but quite exciting ! I look forward to seeing your website.

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