First Date


winter time, couple in love

Our first date was amazing! I can still remember it like it was yesterday. This is my side of it if you would like to read his side go here.

I’m just going to start with the fact that growing up I never thought I would fall in love; that I would hate being separated from that person. If you had talked to me a few years ago I would have a completely different outlook on the subject of love. I believed in family love above all, stronger than anything. I dated other guys but I never felt more or even equal love then the love I have for my family.

       I use to think, as bad as this is, that I would find someone that I could be with the rest of my life. Not want or need to be with them but could. I never understood the need to always be touched aka hand holding, feet touching, arm over shoulder Ext. I hated PDA any kind of it. (Mostly because I was always the third person so I vowed to myself I would not make someone else feel that way) I use to say all the time to my friend. “I don’t understand why she always has to be with him! She should be able to still have girls night” I didn’t understand that attachment to someone.

       Boy have things changed! I spent a couple years getting myself in order, learning more about who I was. Until I was ready to add someone to my life. Since I live in the country I decided to give the dating site Match a try again. Having tested it just before I took a couple years for myself. I met people and had a couple boyfriends but I didn’t really like online dating. This time however I told myself I would go on dates, meet more than one guy at a time. Well that all worked until the day I got a message from a man named Ben.

Big smiles, Man in green

       We wrote each other for about a week before we decided to meet. He asked to meet on a Tuesday after the Thanksgiving weekend. We planned to carve pumpkins and watch a movie, I was so nervous while getting ready. I remember pacing around the house looking and out the windows.

       He pulls in and I make my way out the back door. My head was spinning with thoughts of, “What if he doesn’t like the way I look in person?” “What if we don’t talk?” “What if we are different than over the messages?” And on and on. I walk towards him and his car his trunk is open to get the pumpkins out, he looks my way. Time or me rather freezer my mind went blank waiting for his reaction. He looks my way smiles this big smile and walks towards me and gives me this huge hug. Right then I knew. I was going to fall madly in love with him.

Pumpkin carving

       We had a great first date. We carved pumpkins gave up halfway to have time to watch a movie he brought, Home. We are both still into cartoon movies. I love it. We watch while we cuddled on the couch, my heart racing. Thinking about everything we talked about while carving. I remember thinking to myself. Why does it feel like we have been together for so long yet it’s our first date? How am I head over heels and we haven’t even kissed! What is this feeling, I’ve never felt like this?

       He met my sister and her boyfriend (They are my Roommates) they liked him. I remember my sister boyfriend saying something like, “it doesn’t seem like this is your guys first date” blew mind mind that someone saw the way I felt.

       The movie was good. Once it ended my heart was going to burst! Before I ever had time to think the thought is he going to kiss me, he learned over and kissed me. Chills ran through my body. He is such an amazing kisser. best kiss ever! We said our goodbyes and he left.

       What he didn’t tell me until the day before is that our first date was also his birthday. I thought that was crazy but now I love the fact that our first date was on his birthday.

       That was our first date together. While I write this I feel like I’m right back there. Butterflies fluttering, heart bursting. I never knew what love was until I met him. Sadly I couldn’t have known, I didn’t until I felt it, truly.


Love Always,
Cinthia Grace