Favorite Things

Fitbit Alta HR
       One of my favourite things to do right now is to watch my steps and be more active. I purchased my fitbit and also got the changeable bands so I can change it to match my outfits. I am in love with it! It was not too expensive and isn’t bulky on my wrist, I hardly notice it now. I got the heart rate one because it tells you a little more information.

       I had started off with the Fitbit Alta. Which does not have the heart rate and I loved having it but I wanted to keep more in depth information on my sleeping. The Alta HR does, so I upgraded and gave my other one to my boyfriend, so he could join in the fun we have watching our steps. Most of my family has one so we can do it together.

       The fitbit comes with an app where you read all your stats but it also has a challenge section and you can make or join a challenge with your family and friends; I have one for both. You can talk in this challenge and encourage one another to do better. There is this one challenge the workweek hustle it’s called its the one we like to use the most. It’s a challenge of steps how many steps you do  between Monday to Friday. I noticed that once we got these fitbits I pushed myself more to be more active because we were in these fun competitions. I would go to the trail and walk to get more steps, I would park my car farther away to gain more steps and more little things to gain those steps to win. I even got the fitbit Flex 2 so when I want to keep tracking but need it to be waterproof I know it is safe. You can sink more than one device to your app on your phone.

       I recommend getting one or even getting them for your family for gifts so you can join in family fun. Just go here to check them out more. If you already have one let me know how you like yours or if you are still not sure I would be happy to answer any questions. Just click the link below and check it out for yourself. 
Fitbit Alta HR Monitor

TV Seasons
       I recently bought a season collection that we (my sister and I) use to watch all the time when we were younger and we really wanted to re-watch it over again. 7th Heaven is what I got; I had been trying to find it for quite some time and I looked on Amazon and there it was and at a good price. I had to get it!

       It came in a couple days and my sister and I have been re watching them and having so much fun feeling like we were little kids again. It’s amazing what you pick up from a show as an adult compared to when you were kids. I do not remember them kissing so much! All the same we love rewatching it. Do you have any old seasons you would like to rewatch check it out and see if they have all the seasons. Click the link below to check it out or to even find a season that you want to watch from you childhood. 

7th Heaven: The Complete Series

       I recently went to a fair and got henna done on my arm. I saw that they had kits available so you could do it yourself. I never thought about doing myself but once I saw the kit and I got it in my head that it would be so much fun doing it myself. I didn’t get the kit that day and it was stuck in my mind.

       So i went looking on Amazon and they had some! I was so excited so I ordered some and sure enough in a couple days it was at my house. I now realized I ordered way to much but that’s okay because it was not that much as so far it’s still good. I discovered that one tube of henna paste can do about 8-10 henna tattoos depending on how big. In a way it worked out good because now I have lots that I can redo my henna over and over until I want to change it. I got it so I could do something fun with my little cousins. They loved it, every single one of them wants it done! More than a single one too. It was so much fun I will definitely be doing this with my kids one day. Try it out and let





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