Bucket List 

When I was thinking about what I want to write about, I thought of this idea where I will challenge myself with things on my bucket list. I have already made this pact to myself because I want to experience more in life and never regret anything.

I’m going to write about why it is on my list and the journey it takes me down. I would love to hear your stories of trying something new or something you want to do. This is what’s on my bucket list and I’ll add to it as I go. Any suggestions I should add to mine?

Bucket List:

  • Go in hot air balloon
  • Build dream home
  • Go to Rockwood Park
  • Meet Jillian Harris in person
  • Look the way I want on the outside as I feel on the inside
  • Be pregnant
  • Go on road trip around all of USA trip with boyfriend
  • Get married to the one I love
  • Make music video with my sister for my parents
  • Go to Ireland and Scotland
  • Meet long distant relatives in Italy
  • Host family Christmas
  • Reno a house
  • See a jet show
  • Go to Las Vegas to see shows plus the blue man group with Ben
  • Own dogs
  • Learn to make quilts
  • Learn how to knit